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Industrial, Commercial, Residential Demolition

New Hampshire Demolition specializes in residential and commercial excavation projects in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. Our skilled crews are equipped to handle every type of excavation and demo project. Our dedicated team has over 75 years of combined experienced site professionals. They're available 24/7, allowing us to complete our clients' projects in a safe, orderly and cost-effective manner.

The strong work ethic of our team enables us to exceed expectations much to the satisfaction of general contractors, developers, facility & project managers, realtors and home owners

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    Total Building Wrecking

    We will take down all structures as requested and remove all debris to an approved LEED facility. Site is sloped to safe condition or flat so that you can move forward with your project.

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    Gut Outs

    The structural integrity of the structure is left intact while removing all or part of the interior. This is accomplished using a Bobcat and mechanical hand tools so that the shell is left clean.

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    Asbestos/Hazardous Abatement

    New Hampshire Demolition offers surveying and testing for asbestos-containing materials as well as complete remediation of any asbestos-containing material found.

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    Trucking Services

    We will truck and dispose of construction debris (C&D) using 70 & 90 yrd trailers.  We haul and dispose of concrete and brick utilizing 40 yrd concrete tubs.  We also offer lowbed moves of many types of equipment (includes all necessary permits for move).

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    Fire Loss

    We offer immediate response time for emergency situations. We will work with fire inspectors to dismantle the structure so that the cause of the fire can be found. Complete removal is offered when ready.

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    Selective Demolition

    Selective demolition involves taking down a portion of a building from an existing structure while leaving the portion staying intact. We handle all aspects from the engineering to the complete separation.

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    Environmental LEED Projects

    All materials removed from job sites are disposed of at Leadership in Energy Environmental Design (LEED) approved facilities to be recycled.

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    Asbestos/Contaminated Soil Removal

    We are licensed and have the equipment and manpower to remediate contaminated soils using federal and state-approved procedures and will dispose of all contaminated soils at a licensed facility

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    Metal Hydraulic Shearing

    From oversized tanks to piles of steel, we can shear your metal to pieces as small as needed.

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    Hydraulic Hammering

    New Hampshire Demolition is fully equipped with hydraulic hammers from a bobcat to a full-size excavator for all your concrete and rock hammering and removing of inground pools, foundations, retaining walls, etc.

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